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Violations of Probation Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Fl
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Charged with VOP in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach?

Violations of Probation Criminal Defense Attorney

If you received probation as part of a criminal sentence, it is imperative that you understand and follow the conditions stated.
Violation of Probation VOP Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale FL
These conditions typically include:

  • Adhering to Any Restraining Orders
  • Completing Any Counseling Ordered by the Court
  • Keeping All Court Appointments
  • Paying Any Court-Ordered Fines or Restitution
  • Reporting to Your Probation Officer on a Regular Basis
  • Taking Any Required Drug Tests
Not Committing Any New Offenses

If you are sentenced to probation alternatively of imprisonment, the court expects that you will meet all of the requirements of your sentence. When you violate this trust, it is taken very seriously by the court. Unlike criminal cases, there is no jury trial at a probation hearing, nor does the case against you have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

When a person violates their probation, they are putting their freedom at considerable risk. A probation violation can result in reinstatement, an extension of your probationary period or the revocation of probation. When probation is revoked, it typically results in incarceration. Many times this means the maximum sentence for the crime that was committed.

Probation Violation Attorney in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade

If you have been charged with violation of probation in South Florida, it is crucial that you have the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. Jonathan S. Friedman will work to prevent the revocation of your probation and possible jail time. Mr. Friedman is a board certified criminal trial expert that can review your probation violation case and give you valuable advice regarding the best defense of the charges against you. He is an experienced litigator that can be relied on to provide strong representation for your hearing.


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