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Criminal Appeals

Have You Been Wrongly Convicted of a Crime?

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Have You Been Wrongly Convicted of a Crime?

If you believe that you have been falsely convicted of a crime, you have the opportunity to appeal that conviction to an appellate court. Appellate refers to a court handling criminal appeals. Rather than retrying a case entirely, appellate courts review your trial to ensure that proper procedure and law was applied. Due to the particular nature of this investigation, it is imperative to obtain legal representation by a successful Criminal Defense Lawyer who is both skilled and knowledgeable in criminal appeals. Jonathan S. Friedman is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert, who has years of experience in Criminal Appeals cases in both Florida State and Federal Courts.

After a defendant is found guilty in a criminal trial, they have a limited amount of time to seek the verdict overturned. A criminal appeals attorney will advise you to pursue one of two strategies:

  • A “habeas corpus” petition, based on evidence not introduced in court. Common grounds for criminal appeals attorneys to pursue this action could include an argument that any lawyer who represented you failed to present all available evidence in your case or otherwise misrepresented you. This kind of case requires a lawyer to conduct investigations and introduce evidence not reflected in the transcript of your trial.
  • If pursuing a simple appeal, a criminal appeals attorney will base their case solely on a transcript of the trial. Filing this kind of motion requires a lawyer to demonstrate through all written records and transcripts of the trial that there is legal precedent justifying that a verdict should be overturned. For example, criminal appeals attorneys may point to evidence that a jury did not give sufficient weight.

An appeal begins with filing a “notice of appeal.” The appellant, the party that is appealing, must also provide an appellate record that consists of materials used in the original trial that the appellant would like to present in appellate court. Retaining a Criminal Defense Lawyer versed in extensive case research, pays thorough attention to detail, with years of courtroom experience is crucial to winning an appeal and overturning a conviction.

The Law Office of Jonathan S. Friedman has been handling state and federal criminal defense appeals since 1995. Mr. Friedman’s legal knowledge and courtroom skills will offer a great advantage to your Criminal Appeals Case. If you have been wrongly convicted of a crime in Florida State or Federal Court, contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Timing is critical, and it is important to proceed quickly before the period allotted to file an appeal expires. Also, take the time to assemble all papers concerning your case before our initial consultation. Criminal Appeals Attorney Jonathan S. Friedman will review those documents to obtain an in-depth understanding of your case and discuss your legal rights and options.


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