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Legal Representation for Sealing Criminal Records

Expungements Attorney in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade

A criminal record can cause significant problems and hardship in anyone’s life. When you are arrested for a crime, details about the arrest can be accessed by the public. Even if your case was dismissed or the charges were dropped, there is still a record of your arrest. This information is accessible to the public, as well as employers, through background checks and many other means. Criminal history can limit employment opportunities, the ability to obtain certain professional licenses and receive security clearances. It can also affect housing and educational options. And with worldwide access to information via the internet, a criminal record can affect many personal opportunities as well.

Florida State Laws allow for certain criminal records to be sealed. Expungement is the legal process of sealing a criminal record. Criminal records involving misdemeanor offenses and even some felony crimes can be sealed. Depending on the offense, you may qualify to have your record sealed, as long as there was no conviction in the case (thisExpungements & Record Sealing Attorney in Fort Lauderdale FL includes the withholding of adjudication, as well as an acquittal.) Once a criminal record has been expunged, your criminal record is no longer viewable by the public. Excluding certain situations, an expungement even allows you to state that you have never been arrested. Once your record has been sealed, you will no longer have to report criminal history on employment applications or any other documents. Record sealing can allow you to move forward without the constant threat of your past being investigated.

If you have a past criminal history, Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan S. Friedman can answer your questions about sealing your criminal record. You may be suitable for criminal record expungement if:

  • You have fulfilled the requirements of your sentencing and are not currently on probation or parole
  • You have not previously requested and received an expungement
  • You have no earlier criminal offense convictions
  • The offense qualified for expungement under state law.

Jonathan S. Friedman is an accomplished Criminal Defense Attorney in South Florida who has helped many clients seal their criminal records. He can guide you through the Expungement process, prepare and submit your application for eligibility, and provide the valuable assistance necessary to successfully seal your criminal record. To find out if your prior criminal history can be expunged, contact the Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer Jonathan S. Friedman today!


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